Although I had to wake up at 08:00 on a non-working day to head in to the hospital, it was all worth it! Haven’t been this excited to participate with something work related in such a long time, and am so looking forward to the final product!!

Thankfully it didn’t take the whole day, and we finished before dusk! I was so tired on my way out that I kept drooping off on the train!

Went to causeway bay and finally able to get tickets to “Ghost in a Shell”, but the movie showing starts after midnight 12:15!

Shopped around at H&M but neither K or I could find what we were looking for.

Went to sing kareoke to kill the rest of our time, at Causeway Bay CEO! Seems awful expensive to spend $290 per person for just three hours of entertainment and extra for food, but it was fun and sweet, teehee. Had a great time singing and listening to some songs we grew up listening to! And there’s no need to fight for the mic. Almost didn’t wanna leave because CEO staff said we could keep singing as long as no one shooed us, which no one did, but we didn’t wanna miss our movie either.

Ghost In A Shell, at Windsor House’s MCL grand Windsor cinema, with our medium sized butter and caramel mix popcorn. Give me a like if you’re interested in a movie review/synopsis/summary of Ghost in the Shell!

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