My AL is starting, but my mood and thoughts are not taking leave yet, and this is disturbing because I only have this one week to relax and to free my mind and stressors, before going back to that dreaded routine.

Finally got to meet Jennifer and her bf, and heard of amazing cultures and art from people who are enthusiastic and enjoy their work!

Visited the Heritage Museum, such a touristy thing I’d never figured I’ll go, but ended up enjoying it immensely. From reading about Jin Yong the author of the most well known Chinese martial arts stories, to hearing Jennifer’s enthusiasm for her favourite artist, to the fine and decorative Chinese art collection donated by The Tsui Art Foundation to T. T. Tsui Gallery and set of 12 delicate porcelain tea cups, to the Hong Kong iconic martial art and actor Chinese-American Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee had such a dedication to martial arts and portraying it through film that he not only designed “jeet kuen do” when he found the limitations of Wing Chun, he taught it, thought about it day and night, got friends to buy him books on martial arts world wide, he wrote and chereographed his moves, he practiced daily at the gym, and he aspired to strengthen the image of his Asian heritage to the western world through filming his martial arts. He often reflected on what being an actor meant, and his self confidence and dedication was touching.
Bruce Lee aspirations

Unfortunately he died young at age 32.

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