the road taken

It was once upon a time, long long ago, whence I’ve decided to jump in the field of nursing. Many many people told me it’s a professional job with a good pay, and caring for patients whilst having a knowledge based practice, and a very honourable job. Many more yet told me of the difficulties of being undervalued, playing the role of a doctor’s aide and a patient’s maid, advocating for both and respected by neither. Do I ever question my dedication to this career path? Who doesn’t! But it’s the road I’ve taken, it is the job I am in and it is the one I will uphold till the day I decide to leave.

What pains me is not what my job entails, but seeing my very own colleagues, those that should understand very well the importance of team work in this field of nursing, think it is alright to take their stress out on other people. We are all stressed. Every single (responsible) nurse has their own professional license to uphold, and a responsibility to their patients, regardless of seniority. Even the most junior of nurses put their patients as first priority; so why does senior nurses feel their personal burnout makes it okay to treat someone disrespectfully. I can understand your source of stress, but that does not make it okay to take out your anger, for doing your own job, out on others. Especially blind, irrational, and pointless anger; it’s very inconducive to any work environment.

In such a people-oriented career, communication skills are very important, as I’m sure all nursing 101 course should have mentioned. Unfortunately undermining, condescending, humiliation and joking about important matters really do not help solve an issue. And to a senior nurse, or any homo sapien that has lived in society, I would have thought thats a very simple rule of thumb and not something I, as your junior, should need to point out. And in such a busy field, where every second counts, isn’t it just as important to be clear and concise with what you should be communicating. I’d understand a junior having difficulties grasping this art of communication, but when you so strongly emphasise your seniority, is it too much to expect that you understand this concept well enough?

So before you complain about others being “unhelpful”, learn to be clear about your requests, to focus on the issue and not their (or your) ranks, and learn to make it in a polite and respectful manner. Nurses are innately a helpful being, and the process may have been so much easier had you paid attention in Nursing 101.

Since you’ve made the dedication to stay on this job, this road that you have chosen like me, please don’t make it difficult for yourself and your fellow travellers. Politeness and respect really goes a long way, just a tidbit.



Unfortunately, the right road isn’t always the road taken, nor is it the wide grand road to take. Just as the world never really operated the way it was intended, the downfalls of civilizations.


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