I never regret a moment of the time spent just doing nothing, except spending time with friends! Those days when time was endless, and the most urgent thing was schoolwork, and an argument with the parents was the end of the world, and the simple things in life meant everything.

  • Driving around with no destination in mind but the best friends in the world
  • The jar of blue skittles
  • Just spending the whole Sunday together

Played a game of indoor curling, although it wasn’t on real ice, and the sweepers were pointless, and the rocks had hidden wheels,.. but it’s so nice to try the game we once played, if just to reminisce the things we tried…

A lovely dinner at 樂宴 Hokkaido cuisine, just chatting and having a great gathering over fine cuisine…

Desert of 心太軟 at HeSheEat simply because…

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