Happy New Year 2017

Every year I look back and lament how another year has gone by, and what have we done? I’ve survived another year of living in a country which I have no leisure to enjoy, surrounded by people who don’t inspire me, and persisted on working a job which just burns out anyone. Sounds harsh and maybe it’s just my internal clock ticking, but I’m eager for some change. Hope next year I’ll have more to say when I look back!!

New Year 2017 Resolutions:

• Healthy lifestyle, eat regularly, drink water, exercise

• Put on hand cream regularly!

• Minimalize! I’m tired of all the crap that’s cluttering my life!

• Keep my apartment tidy, improve my quality of life!

• Cook more meals.

• Use up those facials packages!

• Travel more! See the world!

• Japan, between Jan 13 to June 25th, USJ (evangelion, attack on titan) — well, just a suggestion, there’s many other places I wanna go!

• Vancouver, sometime this May/June.

• Blog whatever I wanna blog! It’s mine! Get your own! I mean, leave my digital imprints in this world, so I can look back and see how far I’ve gone/how much I’ve done!

• Organize photos, and send them out!! I know how annoying it is when people do this to me, so don’t make excuses for doing it to others!! No matter how tired and lazy you are!!

• Be free! Nobody can foresee the future, it can be good or bad, so just go ahead!

• Live life, no regrets!

Ummm… any suggestions what I should add?






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