Path through 2016

Any path seems widest at the current point becomes winding and obscure the further along it gets. Perspective. With only a couple more days till the end of the year, one can’t help but sigh for another year is over, and what have we done?

Year 2016 has been a easy but difficult path for me. Easy, because stasis is always easier than accepting change. Maybe I’m just a very tolerant person, and when so many around me have decided to seek friendlier skies and run miles ahead, I’m still slaving away, trying to overcome daily hurdles. But the real difficulties come from not knowing what one really wants.

Life, like paths, have options all going towards some destination. But we are only human. And we can only see what upsets us in this time and space. Fear, and you’ll never see what could have been. Courage, may take you into deeper waters.

Year 2016, I’ve had the joy of working with some great colleagues, the passion and the teamwork and their dedication in face of burn out. I can’t say my enthusiasm matched theirs, but I’ve persisted in this vocation. On a career level, I’ve completed (and passed) a certificate course on ENT whilst working full time. I’ve also expanded my horizon learning about different aspects of nursing. On a relationship level, we’ve all had arguments and disagreements, but those that are worth it will stick through. I should also spend more time with my family, as my grandparents have aged so much, and all they want is their children and grandchildren around. On a personal level, I’ve found my interest in travelling and scheduled them in as much as possible, maybe not as much as others. I’ve also realised how much I like writing about those travels and what I’ve seen and felt. Now I just need to dedicate time to reorganise and to share my experiences (as if anyone is interested 🤔). I guess this why one needs to make time for the important things.

The path ahead is twisted and mysterious, waiting to be conjured up. Decisions need to be made. Life goals to be accomplished. Life needs to be lived.

Year 2017, what next?

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