2015.09.20 • Fukuoka Day7

✈️九州 20/9 SUNDAY DAY 7
xx:xx Breakfast was a rice ball and juice box we got yesterday at 7-11. 鮭,昆布,明太子(しあけ•こんぶ•めんたいご) rice ball for ¥280. The fillings were nice but the way it was wrapped, unlike the regular triangle ones, made the seaweed more soggy.

10:13 Farewell room 412 and 413 where we spent three nights of our Fukuoka stay. Checked out of hotel and walking to JR Hakata City (apparently different from Hakata Canal City!!)
10:25 JR Hakata City.

12:22 On the top floor is an observatory, which gives a nice city street view of the area. However, one side was under construction and the view was obstructed by the extended part from the roof, a necessary precaution perhaps, but made photo taking harder. There is a small platform to stand up on, but it’s a couple steps away from the railings though.

12:46 博多利久 牛たん料理 (牛舌) ¥6696
We paid them with our spare change, luckily they had a coin counting machine (whatsit called??).

14:45 Hakataeki chugakai, drugstore required ¥5508 spending for tax free exemption, unfortunately I couldn’t make it alone (not without splurging on things I rarely use) so I just paid the extra tax.

15:37 Hakata → Gion (Subway Kuko line)
16:00 Returned to our hotel to retrieve our luggage from the front desk.

16:11 Subway to Kuko ¥260

16:25 Kuko, domestic → international terminal (
17:20 Bought a bento box ねぎ塩豚カルピ弁当(麦飯) ¥398, 手卷おにぎり紅しやけ, ¥140, ツナマヨネース ¥120 from 7-11, total ¥658

18:02 Boarded our plane HK express. We’re all having acute depression of having to go back home and work…

21:35 Back in HK

P. 71 *17 *21 shopping
JR博多City (博多久利牛舌)
15:30 回到酒店
祗園 → 福岡機場
機場線 to 福岡機場(7mins, ¥260)
福岡 → 香港或熊本市電B系統或
18:15 – 20:45 福岡空港 to 香港機場

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