2015.09.19 • Fukuoka Day6

✈️九州 19/9 SATURDAY DAY 6

09:xx Gion → Tenjin (Subway Kuko line), Walk 5mins to Nishitetsu Tenjin station.
09:16 Nishitetsu Tenjin → Futsukaichi 二日市
(Nshitetsu Tenjin Omuta line, rapid)
10:54 Futsukaichi 二日市 → Dazaifu 太宰府 (Nishitetsu Futsukaichi line, local, 2 stops)
10:57 Pass by Gojo 五条 stn

10:01 Dazaifu 太宰府.
Mainlanders everywhere! Pushing and shoving and talking at the top of their lungs. There was one or two Japanese’s local tour for school field trips, but every other was mainlanders tour group. I just wanted a photo of the cow!!

在奔跑追火車時還不忘停下來為旅人買了”梅之餅” ¥430 for 4.

10:44 Dazaifu → Futsukachi
10:50 Futsukaichi → Nishitetsu Tenjin (we missed the rapid train at 10:38)
11:20 Nishitetsu Tenjin → Subway Tenjin (walk 5min)
11:31 Tenjin → 中州川瑞 (Subway Kuko line, 1 min),
11:37 Ichiran biru, exit 2, then turn right and walk 2~3 blocks/3~5minutes, you’ll pass a bridge on the way, and Ichiran ramen main building is on your right.

12:50 Instead we went for Ichiran Ramen inside Hakata Canal City. Ichiran Ramen ¥890.

????櫛田神社 Kushida-jinja
14:57 Nakasukawabata 中洲川端駅 → Tenjin 天神
15:07 Tenjin

15:48 Tenjin chikagai on our way to GU,

16:19 CouCou 2 hair clips, one bracelet, ¥972.

18:28 Tenjin core

20:50 Yatai 屋台, was quite a disappointment, honestly.

牛心亭 ¥4660

22:57 Tenjin → Gion (Subway Kuko Line, ¥200)


23:32 Back to Hotel



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