2015.09.18 • Fukuoka Day5

✈️九州 18/9 FRIDAY DAY 5

07:35 Leaving our hotel, our first stop is to find breakfast!
XX:XX Gion station 祗園 → Akasaka station 赤坂駅 (Subway kuko line, 地下鉄空港 線開往筑前前原 約7 mins ¥200)

07:56 Akasaka station 赤坂駅, exit 1 or 3 then walk to the North on Taisho-Dori (大正通り) for 10 minutes.

08:10 Fukuoka city fish market 福岡市 鮮魚市場 市場會館 (Nagahama fish market 長浜鮮魚市場)
📮3-11-3, Nagahama, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka (福岡市中央区長浜3丁目11番3号)
By train: Use Subway Airport line (地下鉄空港線), get off at Akasaka station (赤坂駅). Use exit 1 or 3 then walk to the North on Taisho-Dori (大正通り) for 10 minutes.
By Bus: Take Nishitetsu bus (西鉄バス) and get off at Nagahama 2-chome stop (長浜2丁目) or at Homukyoku-mae stop (法務局前) then walk 5 min.
Other information: There is a day (Citizen Thanksgiving Day 市民感謝デー) opening this market place for citizen from 9 to 12 noon on the second Saturday of each month. You can buy many kinds of seafood products with reasonable price from over 40 of shops on this day. There will be Tuna dismantling show from 9:30~.

08:30 Salmon x3 and Whale 刺身 ¥2970 (for 4)
09:37 Akasaka towards Ohori-koen,
09:48 Arrive at Meinohama stn, and just

10:05 board ferry

10:20 arrive at 能古島
10:30 Bus¥210

12:34 leave
12:48 展望台


13:24 巴士往福岡¥210

14:00 Fukuoka Tower ¥2560 (¥640 per person because we have JR pass, otherwise ¥800). The tower is 123 floors high, and is the ?? tallest. Guess what, I’ve been to the top 5 tallest towers in Japan, cool eh umm…

15:06 Leaving Fukuoka tower. There’s huge wind and makes taking pictures outside quite difficult.

15:20 巴士,發現每一次巴士停下 都關引擎,
Realised that the buses (and even some cars) in Fukuoka often turn off their ignition, even if it’s just a short stop for traffic lights. Is it because of the exhaust and pollution?

16:05 ¥230

16:21 飯糰 ¥429

16:32 ¥149 bun

16:44 ¥131 drink

16:57-17:39 JR Sonic train from Hakata to Kokura.

18:07 小長城

18:57 Daiso 兩個洗衣袋 ¥216

某某藥妝店 (Ming) Salonpas ¥598
Matsumoto Kiyoshi (Ming Chu) ¥188

19:44 Kokura 小倉 → Mojiko 門司港 ¥260
19:52 門司

xx:xx Princess Phi Phi, Yaki Curry set (salad, ¥5,130

22:13 趕快吃完 乘搭早一班的列車從門司港Mojiko → 小倉

22:27 轉車 四號月台 到博多
23:30 轉 local subway to Gion, ¥100


00:09 7-11, sekisei white washing cream ¥496

赤坂 → 能古島 (船至17:30)
空港線開往福岡機場 → 姪濱 12 mins (1 站)(6 個停靠站) ¥260
轉西鐵巴士98 號往 能古渡船場 ¥170 15mins 每20分鐘
下船乘Island Park巴士到 Island Park
¥1000 開放時間09時00分 – 17時30分

能古渡船場 → 福岡塔
巴士302,312號開往Hakata Station ¥210 15mins 每9分鐘

巴士306 , 312號 34mins ¥230
Fukuoka Tower Minamiguchi (bus stop) → Hakata-eki Shin-Mitsui Bldg.-mae (bus stop) 27mins

博多 → 小倉
16:20-17:06 17:20-18:06 17:29-18:28
JR音速、日輪49 分2 號月台

*22八板神社楊 yakasa shrine
田舎庵 小倉本店 鰻魚飯

小倉 → 門司港
鹿兒島本線 16 mins (1 站)4 個停靠站 5號月台 每 10 分鐘

門司港 博多
20:40-20:53 小倉 21:12-22:01
21:14-21:27 小倉 21:39-22:27

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